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Hair-raising grooming hacks for Halloween


Hair-raising grooming hacks for Halloween

Left your Halloween costume to the last minute? Never fear – help is here.

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November 2018

By Harry Gates

Scary hair is easier than you think


Halloween has a habit of creeping up on you - *pun* - like the killer in a horror flick. And no one wants to be the one guy at the party who didn’t turn up in costume. While we don’t expect you to spend bags of money on duds or tireless evenings in front of the sewing machine to perfect your poltergeist look but there are a couple of men’s hairstyles us low-maintenance lads can do to get into the spirit of things. Far from wrapping yourself in loo paper to be a mummy, (and the potential fire hazard it presents for anyone near an open flame) or cutting two holes in a bedsheet to become a ghost, the best low-key Halloween grooming looks offer a solid opportunity to be cheeky and at your most terrifyingly flirtatious best.

So, for a fast-as-a-flash fancy dress idea that doesn’t require too much cash or energy, use the below guide to go through your wardrobe, get creative – and hopefully, get some sweet rewards. Trick or treat!


The combination of a scruffy beard style and a red flannel shirt hyper masculine, rugged vibes quicker than you can say ‘Chop chop’.
Outfit: Pull out the classic hipster gear you have from the back of your wardrobe – red flannel shirt, blue jeans, a black mini fisherman beanie and your biggest, all-terrain boots and you’re good to go.

Grooming hack: Blokes with a good amount of beard will find this look a breeze. Get some of the Seriously Groomed Beard & Hair Balm and work the thick, creamy texture through – you guessed it – your beard and hair. It’ll soften those bristles and give them a soft, clean scent. You want to look like you’ve been chopping wood all day, not smell like it, right?



A youth subculture popularized in the late 40s and 50s, (and immortalized by a famous musical in the 80s) Greaser’s men’s haircuts were inspired by working lower class teenagers and young adults. The costume is easy but the key here is grooming: Greasers were known, in part, for their characteristically greased-back, back-combed, ducktailed hairdo’s.
Outfit: You’ll probably have this stuff in your wardrobe: Tight white tee tucked into tight blue jeans with a black leather belt and a black or red leather jacket thrown over the top. Too easy.

Grooming hack: Best suited for hair at least 3-5 inches long, Greasers got their signature look by using pomades. Wash and dry your hair completely, then get a good amount of the Smooth Back Shaping Pomade, warm it up in your hands and coat your hair evenly. Then, grab a comb and brush it all back, starting with the sides and finishing with the top. Make sure you carry your comb and a with you while you’re out trick or treating to keep everything in shape.



If you have….
A wedding tux - Go as a suave spy. [Keep it slick with Smooth Back Shaping Pomade, not shaken or stirred] Lots of camouflage – Pile it all on at once and you’re an army brat. [Short back and sides, nice n tidy with the Going Strong Styling Gel] White polo shirt and shorts – Serve it up, like a tennis pro. . [The Change It Up Texturising Spray will help create a look that suggests you’ve just come off the court]


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