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How to improve your complexion in 3 minutes & 4 steps


How to improve your complexion in 3 minutes & 4 steps

No one should ever waste a good face. Here is what you need to start doing from today to make sure you still look good tomorrow.

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March 2018

By Robert Young



Most men don’t so much have a skincare regime as a habit. We might cleanse and moisturise, but we don’t tend to give it much thought. It is just the thing we do in the morning when we exit the shower, or at night just before we hit the hay. All well and good, you might think.

But there are pitfalls to this. If we don’t take the time to consider what the tonics and lotions and creams we are applying are doing and indeed how they are doing it, we fall open to rendering them useless by making simple skincare mistakes. Each product has a specific function and needs to be used in a certain way to be effective, otherwise you’re just throwing your money down the drain.

To understand how to improve our skin health we first need to understand the basics of skincare. In essence, there are two steps which we all need to pay heed to, says House 99 skincare expert Virginie Delekta.

  1. If you don’t clean your skin before you begin your skincare regime, you might as well not do it at all. Everyone’s skin is covered in dirt, impurities, sebum, pollution micro particles and all the other detritus of modern life. If you don’t remove that layer, the products are never going to get down to work on the skin. It is like trying to repaint your house when it’s covered in ivy. So, before you do anything else, get cleansing. Not only will it prep the skin for what’s to follow, it also invigorates it. Win, win.

  2. Good hydration is absolutely essential to good skin. Without the former you can’t have the latter. So, drink lots of water for starters, this will keep your skin looking healthy and less susceptible to signs of ageing. Hydrating the skin is also achieved with a proper moisturiser for men. This will help the skin maintain its natural hydration levels – and then add some more of its own.

First things first: wash and exfoliate your skin to lift the hairs and clean your pores. This will help you get a closer shave. We advise using the Purefectly Clean Face Wash, which contains peppermint extract and charcoal to cleanse deep.

So, now we have the basic rules in place, we can then consider what a good skincare regime looks like.  Don’t panic though, with Virginie’s help we have stripped it down to the essentials, a quick programme which requires a minimum amount of fuss:


As we said, cleanse first to remove grime and invigorate the skin. Our Purefectly Clean Face Wash contains a zingy skin-waking peppermint oil and purifying charcoal.


Toning is the next step. And, no, before you say it, it isn’t girly – and anyways, do you want to look like a crocodile bag in a few decades. No? Then give it a try. 
We recommend the Spruce Up Toning Lotion. Use it after cleansing or shaving with either a cotton ball or simply clean hands. It will refresh, replenish, and help to build the skin’s protective hydrolipidic layer, which is stripped away during shaving. Consider this a foundation stone in your regimen.


It’s now time to consider the thinnest skin on your face – around your eyes. Signs of fatigue and aging appear here first, so show it some love. Use a small squeeze of Truly Brighter Eye Balm and dab this around your lower eyes, starting from the inner corners and moving out. Then smooth it right the way around your eyes in gentle circular motions to brighten and hydrate the skin.


As we previously mentioned, if you want bright, fresh skin, a decent moisturiser used in the morning and night is essential. Not only do moisturisers hydrate, they also even out the complexion, refine texture and energise the skin. If it’s BBQ weather, consider using one with a sun protection factor like our Broad Defense Face Moisturiser which has an SPF 20. 

And for those of us channeling David Beckham’s tattoos, extra care is needed. Tattoos need UV protection and also hydrating, perhaps even more so than other skin. The Bold Statement Tattoo Body Moisturiser will preserve your ink.

So there we have it, a sure-fire guide to improving you complexion and the health of your skin. Invest a little time now and you will reap the rewards in the years to come.


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