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How to turn that walk of shame into a stride of pride.


One night stand, ay? Here’s how to turn that walk of shame into a stride of pride.

We can’t help you with the hangover, but your face’ll be as fresh as a daisy.

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November 2018

By Harry Gates

So, like our fella Killian Bess, you went out on the lash and woke up in the apartment of some lucky love interest, did you? Your head’s banging from all the, well… activity and you’ve got a long walk of shame back home. Worry not, young stud, men’s skincare help is here and it’s easier than anything you’ve done in the last 24 hours.


Step 1: Save the probing questions for a less delicate moment


“Who will I have to lie to about this?”; “What did I miss while I was indisposed?”; “How did I perform?”; “What is the name of the person next to me?”; “Why will it cost me £65 to get home in a cab? Where the eff am I?” – these are all questions that can wait. For now, keep the focus on freshening up.

Step 2: Start, as all true artists do, with a fresh canvas

Give yourself a good splash with some water and pat dry – easy now! No sudden movements, you’re probably still feeling a bit fragile.

Step 3: Hydration is key


Just like that gallon of water you’ll likely be chugging to rehydrate your insides, your skin needs to be rehydrated from the outside, too. So, grab some of the Broad Defense Face Moisturiser SPF 20 - perfect for some added protection on the long walk home, sans sunglasses – and warm it through your hands. Then, slather it on your face, rubbing it in in a gentle, circular motion. Ain’t that refreshing?.

Step 4: Sort out those peepers


Before you set off on that long journey back to the real world, we better take care of those circles under your eyes which are a dead giveaway as to what you’ve been up to, so to speak. And no one wants to look dead, do they? So, grab some of the Truly Brighter Eye Balm. Just a wee squeeze on your fingertips will do the trick. Rub them together to distribute the cream evenly.
Now dab, gently, mind, under those under-eyes et voila! Nice and sprightly, ever so brightly. Well, you’ll look bright, at least. Perhaps a full-english on the way home to help you feel the same way?

And that’s how to turn a walk of shame into a stride of pride, my friend!


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