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Get the look: THE SIDELINE

Goal-scoring grooming switch-ups for football season

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By Holden McIntosh



These days, a good beard goes a long way. The power of a solid scruff when it comes to men’s beard styles has not been so important since they were used to keep your face from freezing off in the Ice Age. Fast forward a couple million years and the beard is back with a vengeance. What hasn’t returned, however, is the Neanderthal look. For modern gents, a disciplined, smooth beard – whatever the length – is a non-negotiable. Especially for those of us hoping to prize a kiss another in the near future.

Now, we all know that unbeatable ‘fresh out of the barber’ feeling. A neat, tidy and soft beard. At House 99 we have a little secret weapon that’ll give you that same sensation whether you’re heading to a party or the football pitch for to play. Tested and approved by barbers, this sleek, non-greasy beard oil is the perfect addition to men’s grooming routines to keep beards soft enough to cease all ‘Shave it off!’ ultimatums.

Pro tip: It can also be used as a pre-shaving oil to increase glide while shaving. Nourishing but non-greasy, lightweight and enriched with shea oil, it’s a solid choice to keep those bristles from, well, bristling.

So, in the spirit of the current craze of competition, we teamed up with a couple of likely lads to come up with five directional looks, perfect for the football field. ‘Cos when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you play good, as evidenced by our men on film. A strong look makes a strong game, so read on for our step-by-step guide on your best grooming.

How to get the look

For the House 99 #GameReady film, we collaborated with hairstylist Paul Duchemin who has experience at some of the world’s most prestigious salons, runway shows and fashion editorials, to sculpt simple, #GameReady looks perfect for experimentation.

Step 1

“Hasael, has incredible skin accompanied by a well-kept beard. I started out by washing his face with the Get Groomed Beard Scrub the rough, black texture is made of black charcoal and volcanic stone so it was massively cleansing throughout his beard and the skin underneath.” said Duchemin.

Step 2

“Next up, I put a few drops of the Softer Touch Beard Oil in my hands, you don’t need too much at all. I warmed it up a little bit before working it through the beard, firstly in an upward motion and then finally, smoothing it all down.”

Step 3

“Then, with a beard brush, I brushed the beard to make it even. When you have a haircut that is minimal, you have to make sure the hair that remains is really well taken care of and in perfect shape.”

Pro tip

“After the game, give your face a wash or a scrub if you can and repeat the process with the Softer Touch Beard Oil. Keep a comb in your bag so you can get that clean, even beard look.”


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