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Here’s how to give your morning routine the Beckham treatmen


Here’s how to give your morning routine the Beckham treatment

Bathe-it like Beckham

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June 2019

By Harvey Gates


Most of us lads generally like to just get on with things in the morning – we’re half asleep as it is, now we’re expected to adopt a ‘skincare routine’? You’re havin’ a laugh.”

We get it. But the truth is, a good skincare routine is a non-negotiable for a well-groomed lad. So, think of this as a kind of cheat guide to giving your whole mug a five-alarm wake-up call - ensuring you get the edge on your day before it even begins. Don’t you think more clearly after a splash of water on your face first thing? The right men’s skincare routine does this, times 100 like Brandon Bryant’s

So, before you get started on the below, down two glasses of water when you wake up to kick-start the hydration process and ensure your skin looks hydrated and bright when you’re finally running out the door. Your skin and hair will thank you for it.

Now, don’t be tempted to grab your partner’s products – not face wash, shampoo or conditioner and, dear god, not their razor. Think David Beckham’s skincare routine includes raiding Posh’s bathroom cabinet in the mornings? Didn’t think so. We have it on good authority that his routine looks more like the one we’ve outlined below. So, let’s get started, then.

In the shower

Whether or not you do this in the shower is up to you, but a good face wash is a non-negotiable here, boys. Infused with black charcoal powder to purify and peppermint extract for that fresh feeling, (how brilliant do you feel after you’ve brushed your teeth? Imagine that, for your face) the Purefectly Clean Face Wash is what Beck’s uses to kick off his day, so to speak. And why not? It leaves skin looking fresh, smooth and revitalized.

Now, you’ll be wanting to revitalize the rest of you, and how better to do it than with a two-in-one for your body and hair, the aptly-named Polish Up Body & Hair Wash . This body wash is enriched with menthol, ideal for the summer months but just as good in winter for freshness, it is intensely cooling (your skin will feel up to -4 degrees cooler), invigorating and re-energising which, especially the morning after a few too many mid-week pints, we could all do with a dose of. Save precious ‘snooze’ time by using the same product through your hair. Too easy.

After shower

Once you’re out the shower and you’ve had a good dry-off, reach for the Spruce Up Toning Lotion. A splash of this is instantly energising and can be used as aftershave or as pre-game to your moisturizer, (and speaking of games, it’s what Becks uses to perk up his skin ahead of the day). Toning is important, often misunderstood and forgotten – but that’s a mistake. It is intrinsic in helping to refresh and mattify your skin, (so no more shiny foreheads), getting rid of any residue from the cleanser you just used in the bath and helps close up pores. It also helps replenish the skin with moisture and boosts hydration for up to 24 hours. Not bad for a little splash, huh? And you thought you didn’t need it…

Now that you’ve buffed and beautified, good man, it’s time to protect yourself against the elements. A nice, protecting moisturizer is your loyal sidekick to help safeguard your skin indoors or outdoors. The lightweight texture of the Broad Defense Face Moisturiser glides on easy, is non-greasy and leaves the skin feeling protected against external aggressions. It also hydrates, brightens and with an SPF20, it helps stop your skin from burning to a crisp and with it, your youthful good looks and lack of fine lines and wrinkles. Now that’s a hard little worker.

Final touch

Now, the only thing left to do is give yourself a good spray of the Cool Off Spray Deodorant , formulated with magnesium technology and without aluminium salt and alcohol, so it’s easy on those of us with sensitive skin, (the coconut oil in it doesn’t hurt the process, either) to stay fresh.

Now that you’re as cool (and as fresh) as a cucumber, you best be off – can’t have you missing the train, now can we?

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