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Rock ’n’ roll hair: How to rock David Beckham’s full flow hairstyle


The undercut hairstyle men can pull off

It's the UK's fittest hairstyle of the season. The undercut men style might look hard to pull off, so learn the daft-proof way of getting it at home.

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May 2019

By Harry McGregor




Now that summer has finally made its way to the UK, it’s finally time to shave off your skive beard and think about a hairstyle to match the weather. If you want a style that gives that extra confidence boost, the undercut hairstyle is for you. You might be wondering, what is an undercut haircut nowadays? Look around you, mate. You’ll notice that undercut hairstyles are no longer the geeky bowl cuts from the 80’s. The undercut men style has evolved and with it, you’re one step closer to looking like our lad David Beckham.

There are tons of undercut styles that suits all sorts of face shapes. So read on to check out the most popular undercut designs and learn how to style an undercut for what looks best on you.


The classic men’s long undercut, the pompadour fade, is set apart from other undercut hairstyle men are currently wearing for its classy vintage hair puff. Think American leather jackets, white tees, and faded jeans, you know, the style your dad would wear in his younger years. The style is the absolute retro look with a modern touch that hardly needs any effort. It’s a great men’s undercut fade to do when you want a long hair undercut men look great in. This look is simple, since it requires very few hair products for men to give it a go.


How to Style a Pompadour Fade

First work your men’s hair pomade into damp hair to help style the hair. Use the House 99 Smooth Back Shaping Pomade Smooth Back Shaping Pomade since it’s not too shiny. Its fragrance is also a great cover up for last night’s events at the pub. Being a fun lad doesn’t mean you can’t be a professional lad! We recommend getting it from the Pomade Styling set, since a hair styling kit has the essentials for grooming your hair. This hair styling kit has the Smooth Back Shaping Pomade, Going Big Thickening daily shampoo Going big Thickening Daily Shampoo, the Greater Look Face Moisturizer Greater Look Face Moisturiser, and a comb to style it all. That means less time at the chemist and more time with the lads!

Use a comb to part your hair to the side and use a hairdryer to dry down the sides of your hair. Now it’s time to get that ledge pompadour shape. Blow dry the front of your hair and use a brush to comb your hair upwards and towards the back. Then take more of that men’s hair pomade Smooth Back Shaping Pomade and work it generously into your hair with your fingers. With a brush, shape those locks upwards and away from your side part. Finish off the hair with a comb from the Smooth Back Set hair styling kit Smooth Back hair styling kit, and comb back stray hairs so the top of your hair is perfectly slicked back.

Bonus Male Grooming Tip

Feeling chuffed with how the pompadour men’s undercut fade looks on you? Ask your barber to give you a skin fade around your back and sides, while leaving the length on the top of the head, to really make the pompadour stand out.


The Quiff is one of those men’s undercut styles that looks great on everyone. The best part? No tools besides your hairdryer is needed. It’s so simple even you can do it. All you need is a styling spray. If you don’t have styling spray, you can also use a lightweight hair wax for men Hair & Moustache wax, which gives more volume to your Quiff.

How to Style a Quiff

First use a hairdryer on damp hair and blow dry so that your hair is facing forwards. Then take your Tight Grip styling spray Tight Grip Fixing Spray, or the Smarten Up hair and moustache wax Hair & Moustache wax and slather it in with your fingers. For extra hold, use House 99 Shaping Pomade Smooth Back Shaping Pomade Smooth Back Shaping Pomade since it has beeswax to hold the hair. If you want more volume, scrunch your hair upwards while using the blow dryer.

Extra Male Grooming Tip

The thing about an undercut hairstyle men don’t realise is that the volume will deflate throughout the day. Prevent that by switching your hair dryer to the coldest setting. The air will let the shape set without having the heat from a hotter setting melt the product. You want to look like a groomed lad, not a greasy lad! Blow over your hair for 30 seconds to lock in the hairstyle. If you feel like you added too much texture, you can tone it down with a House 99 Smarten Up Hair and Moustache Hair & Moustache wax, a little more hair wax for men.


Undeniably cool, this men’s long undercut is professional while giving that annoying bloke at work (we all know the one) a run for his money. Not only does it look great, any one of you lads can do it. It’s one of those undercut hairstyle men can easily do at home with some hair gel for men. It looks better with longer hair, so ask your barber for a long hair undercut men style, which means a skin to medium fade on the bottom and sides, with your hair staying long at the top.

How to Slick Back Hair

Now the actual hair styling. Take a deep breath, you can do this. First shape your damp hair back with a hairdryer with your fingers. A slick back wouldn’t be complete without the classic shine, so take your favourite hair gel for men, the House 99 Styling Gel Going Strong Styling Gel and run it through your hair with your fingers. This gives shine to your hair while making your hair stay down all day. If you like the look of the scruffy American hipster, try a messy slick back, which is ace with longer hair. Use a blow-dryer and a comb to go against your part, then comb it in the direction of your part, letting the sides of your hair hang off your face.

Extra Male Grooming Tip

Still asking yourself ‘should I get an undercut?’ First try a medium fade, which is a popular undercut haircut men get, to see how you fancy it. Stock up on men’s hair pomade and test out these different styles to find which one you like the best. If you want to get more adventurous, get a men’s undercut fade the next time you hit up the barber. Put your skills to test and match your new cut with the slick back for a whole new world of style.


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