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Celebrity barber Fabio Marques’ guide to men’s hairstyles for summer


Celebrity barber Fabio Marques’ guide to men’s hairstyles for summer

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August 2019

By Harvey Gates



We all know change is as good as a holiday, and there’s nothing to get you in the summer frame of mind than a nice, fresh grooming sesh. The best men’s hairstyles for summer walk the line between stylish and simple, (read: low maintenance) because we’d all rather spend our time by the pool than in the powder room, ain’t it lads?

So, we had a chat to celebrity barber (and David Beckham’s hair stylist favourite) Fabio Marques of Figaro’s barbershop in Lisbon, for the best ways to get summer hair for men – and it goes down as easy as a nice cool pint on a scorching hot day. Enjoy.


Like any good boy scout embarking on a new journey, it pays to Always Be Prepared. A few key items in your toolkit will help you maintain any and all of Fabio’s looks.
Must-haves include:

  1. Smooth Back Shaping Pomade for sculpting and smoothing
  2. Change It Up Texturising Clay for volume
  3. Tight Grip Fixing Spray to keep it all in place


“I think most people have a style role model. Most people that come in and already know what they want to look like have a good strategy. I think it’s important you have a good reference because everything already exists when it comes to men’s hairstyle. Everybody has tried everything, there is nothing that hasn’t been done yet. What we do as barbers is to keep it simple and advise what looks best to that person. Suitability is one of the aspects we value. So, it’s important to have a reference but choose a good barber who can advise on what suits you best.”


“Honestly, I know people tend to say that when it comes to men’s hair, shorter is best for the summer, longer hair is better for the winter – but that’s not necessarily true. It’s easier to maintain a short haircut to because it dries out faster, which is an advantage when you sweat, and the maintenance is lower, the shorter the hair is. But I don't think it necessarily needs to be a seasonal haircut sort of thing. When you have a haircut that suits you, you should keep with that haircut and just refresh it every month.

So, if you like short haircuts, the summer time is perfect for that and you can carry your look through to winter – it won’t look bad just because it’s raining and cold! The same with a longer haircut. If you like it and it suits you, stick with it.”


“The most popular haircuts we do at the shop when Summer comes around are razor fades with very short sides and backs and on the top – which is where most of the haircut sits. It depends – either a slick back or a side part or a regular Pompadour with no side part, but usually the sides are pretty clean or faded to zero or a skin fade and then it’s a matter of personal taste. As long as you have a good haircut it doesn’t really matter, the hair needs to be cut in a way so that it evolves in a connected way as it grows and that you can style it on a daily basis.”

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