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Rock ’n’ roll hair: How to rock David Beckham’s full flow hairstyle


A festival grooming guide for gentleman

(Or, how to stay fresh after three straight days of partying and portable loos)

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May 2019

By Harry Gates



‘Tis the festival season and with it, the promise of sun, ciders, outdoor sing-alongs and dangerously long live music marathons sans shower. Living in a tent with limited access to both running water, mirrors and electricity can be a challenge at the best of times, but add to that muddy fields and the slick of a thousand sweaty bodies rubbing up against you in the mosh-pit and you’ve got one pretty filthy situation on your hands (and all over your person).

Thankfully, there’s a few things you can do before and after a festival to avoid the dreaded ‘soggy syndrome’ and none of them involve shelling out a small fortune on a luxury yurt (whatever that is). So, scrub up, stay fresh and keep your focus on getting to the front of that rabble to see your favourite bands rock out.

Getting ready for the festival

Freshen up the day before by visiting a barbershop as close as possible to your festival visit. If you’ve got a good barber, he or she will give you a closer shave than you could give yourself at home (and with less potential skin irritation) meaning it’ll last longer and you’ll look sharper throughout the days you’re there without a moment for a proper shave. Also, when it comes to your hair cut, there ain’t no mirrors or hairdryers in a rolling great festival field so be sure to have a ‘do that is easy to style and wear.

Duo or nothing

You don’t want to be lugging loads of products around with you at a festival, so it pays to pack products that are multi-functional. Try an SPF-protected moisturizer like the Broad Defense Face Moisturiser SPF20 to rehydrate after endless day pints, hardcore dancing, (you animal) and sun exposure and pack the Twice As Smart Shampoo & Conditioner two-in-one to make things nice and swift. Because if you’re lucky enough to be at a festival with shower facilities, it’s not likely you’ll want to spend too much time in them.

Forget about the razor

As per the aforementioned festival shower situation, you might not be too keen to get in on the dribbly-water-pressure and filth-of-a-thousand-strangers vibe so a shave is not entirely practical, now is it? We suggest you skip it and instead style your beard with the Softer Touch Beard Oil to hydrate and smooth your scruff in one simple application whilst stopping it from going fluffy and frizzy from any moisture in the air. It’s non-greasy but reinforced with shea oil which’ll keep yer face fuzz as soft as your brain feels after three days at a music festival. And bonus - it’ll keep it smelling fresh too which is important cos no one’s tashin’ on with something that could double as an old dish rag.

Use soft products

When it comes to your hair, use a lighter product that doesn’t leave a residue because this’ll only get worse (and start to attract woodland creatures) as the days pass. The Smooth Back Shaping Pomade gives the hair a good amount of hold, leaving it looking natural whilst being humidity and sweat-resistant. Apply directly to the scalp and work it through the lengths of your hair for best results. The best part? It can be used for long or short hair lengths and is easy to build on if you don’t get an opportunity to wash it out.

Deodorant will be your savior

Whether or not you’ve any real dance floor prowess, superstar vocals or rock god good looks, there ain’t nothing sexy about sweat patches with a scent to match. Formulated to match David Beckham’s active lifestyle, the Cool Off Spray Deodorant is designed for some seriously sporty behavior.


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