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Maximise your potential with a sky-high quiff


Maximise your potential with a sky-high quiff

We show you how to get the most leverage
out of your hair cut with this classic ‘do.

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November 2018

By Harry McGregor

The not-so-humble quiff has been one of the most iconic men’s hairstyles since all American movie stars were all shook up back in the 50’s. They come in three sizes - big, bigger and biggest - all of which are likely to get you noticed, especially by the female contingent who have been scientifically proven to swipe right at the mere sight of a well-coiffed quiff. Size really does matter, so read on for our guide on how to amplify your potential.

The Classic Quiff


It’s a crowd pleaser, no doubt. The classic quiff shows an amplitude of attitude. And, so long as you have the requisite length on top, it’s a piece of cake to style. Bulk is key, so start by washing your hair with Going Big Thickening Shampoo for more body. Next, grab a brush and hairdryer, lifting your locks up while drying for maximum root lift. Before the whole shebang falls flat, get in there with some trusty Tight Grip Fixing Spray That’ll give you gravity defying hold, but without the stiff quiff.

The Rockabilly Quiff

The original, as worn by The King himself. This look requires an offensive amount of styling gel, a comb and a bad boy attitude. Optional: the tendril of hair that spirals down your forehead. For anyone feeling particularly darling, there’s the even louder psychobilly quiff. Born from the fusion of rock’n’roll and punk, exaggerated sky-high bouffant is not for the faint hearted (or the movie theatre).

The Undercut Quiff

The modern man’s quiff. This sharp style involves razing the back and sides to create contrast with all that fop on top. The undercut can be one length (like David Beckham’s hairstyle c. 2014) or try a tapered fade for even more panache.

The Textured Quiff

The quiff is nothing if not versatile and this version is perfect for those with an abundance of wavy or curly hair. Less slick and glossy than its counterparts, the key here is to build plenty of height but then leave the hair a bit loose and floppy. A more relaxed look that still speaks volumes.

We invite you ‘raise’ your expectations the next time you visit your barber. Because when it comes to quiffing, there’s only one golden rule: If less is more, think how much more more would be.


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