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How to style the perfect messy crew cut.


Date night is it? How to style the perfect messy crew cut.

We can’t help you with the conversation, but your messy crew cut will be on point.

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November 2018

By Harry McGregor

So, you’re heading out on the first date and feeling a tad nervous. Understandable. But fear not men, we’ve got you covered. Just follow these 4 simple rules and you’re sure to make a fine impression.


Rule 1: Less is more


This is especially true when it comes to your hair. If, like David Beckham, you’re sporting a shorter crop, then you’ll want to style that messy crew cut with minimal fuss.
Step 1: Start with a smidge of Change It Up Texturising Clay, warm it between your palms thoroughly.
Step 2: and distribute evenly through slightly damp hair. No need to blow dry, unless you’re up against the clock.
Step 3: Finish with a cheeky ruffle for a messy finish. The key here is to avoid overdoing it; you want a hairstyle that says, ‘I care about how I look, but I probably care more about you feel’.

Rule 2: Smell nice for Pete’s sake

Little known fact; your date will be able to smell fear. To keep your cool, we recommend a light dousing of Cool Off Spray Deodorant.

Rule 3: Dress for the occasion

There’s nothing harder than trying to be charming in ill-fitting pants. Comfort is king. You’ll want to wear something that you feel genuinely relaxed in. I’m not talking about your jogger’s mate, more like your comfiest jeans and best fitting sweater. You’ll feel more like you.

Rule 4: Strictly no prickles

You’ve got two options on date night. The first is a squeaky-clean shave that’s smooth to the touch. The second is bristles that have grown past the itchy-and-scratchy phase. We’re not making any promises, but if a close encounter was to arise, you do not want to sand-paper your new partner. A couple of drops of Softer Touch Beard Oil will keep those prickles pliable.
Go forth men, and may the gods of good dating smile upon you.


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