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How to revive those sleepy eyes


Don’t break eye contact! How to revive those sleepy eyes

Binge watching the whole series can have its repercussions.
Here’s our top tip to undo the damage.

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November 2018

By Harry McGregor

Late night was it mate? It certainly appears that you’ve taken ‘just one more episode’ too far. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Of course, now your square eyes will be adorned with a few tell-tale signs of fatigue; namely puffiness, dark circles and those dreaded under-eye-bags.
For anyone running on less than 8 hours of shut-eye, it’s time we introduced you to your new best friend. Drumroll please: the House 99Truly Brighter Eye Balm.

What is eye balm?

Your mum uses it, your sister uses it and your Aunty Irene uses it, so why is it that most men have never given eye balm a second thought? The misconception is that eye balm is simply a more expensive moisturiser in a smaller package. True, gram for gram it does hit the wallet harder, but not unlike that cable TV subscription, we consider it a very worthwhile investment.

You see, the skin around your eyes is different. It’s thinner and more delicate, and given that your ocular orifice works pretty darn hard, we think it deserves specialised care to keep it in good nick.
The Truly Brightner Eye Balm will stave off dehydration and wrinkles, and generally make you look a lot fresher than you feel, my friend.

How do I use it?

Eye balm may sound intimidating, but don’t worry, using it is a cinch:
Step 1: Share a pea-sized amount of product between your two ring fingers
Step 2: Gently dab onto your dark circles, starting from the corners of your eye and working your way out. Do this a few times to get your micro-circulation pumping.
Step 3: Then rub any excess product right the way around your eye-sockets. It’s actually easier done than said. You’ll be rewarded with firmer, brighter skin.

But even the best of creams can’t offer immunity from poor lifestyle choices. So, do yourself a favour and swap that cup of coffee for a glass of water. For more tips on waking up your face, see How to fix tired and stressed skin in 4 easy steps.
It’s certainly not part of the average Joe’s grooming repertoire, but big things truly do come in small packages.
So, reach for a packet of Truly Brighter Eye Balm and look alive, son.


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