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Late night was it mate? How to scrub up your mug in 5 minutes flat


Late night was it mate? How to scrub up your mug in 5 minutes flat

Follow these 4 steps and you’ll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in no time

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November 2018

By Harry McGregor

So, you pushed the boat out last night, worse things have happened. The best remedy, of course, is to assume the recovery position and order copious amounts of food. But, if you don’t have the luxury of time, you’ll want to follow these 4 steps to successfully remove last night from your face. Hop to it, chaps.

Step 1: Lather up lad


Good news, you can rinse most of your poor lifestyle choices down the sink! A good dollop of Purefectly Clean Face Wash will help you start the day with a clean slate. Charcoal activated and enriched with spirulina and quinoa extracts, this foaming gel will have you feeling virtuous almost immediately. The peppermint extract also makes your face all nice and cool and tingly. In short, you’ll feel significantly more alive.

Step 2: Do not skip on the tonic lotion

Not to be confused with tonic water (which you’ve have quite enough of), this liquid life-saver boosts hydration and energises skin. The Spruce Up Toning Lotion is great as an aftershave, but will also freshen up your face any old time - simply splash it onto clean skin with hands or a cotton pad. For anyone who didn’t get the requisite beauty sleep, this makes a very close second best, so tone up, boys.

Step 3: Drink up

If you’ve woken up with the dry horrors, imagine how parched your skin must be feeling. As well as downing 2 liters of water yourself, you’ll want to slather on a generous amount of Greater Look Face Moisturiser. Start from the center of your face and go outwards and do your skin a favor, be gentle! Your skin will be quenched, comfortable and shine free all day - Scout’s honour.

Step 4: Protect your ink

You’ll be looking and feeling like a new man by this point. But before you rush out the door, make sure to protect and enhance any tattooed skin with a quick spray of Bold Statement Tattoo Body Moisturiser. This is especially important in BBQ weather as UV can wreak havoc on tattoos, dehydrating your skin and robbing your artwork of its vibrancy. Remember lads, faded denim is good, faded ink is not.

4 steps, 5 minutes, and you look as clean a whistle. Next weekend, you’d do well to try and exercise a bit more moderation. Now, surely it must be time for that Bloody Mary.


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