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Flatter your face


Flatter your face

The best hairstyles for your face shape

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July 2019

By Harvey Gates


Developing a strong hair style is one of the great joys – nay, rights - of manhood. From our first attempts with ill-advised amounts gel during our formative years, (for some of us, well into our twenties) to finally being able to find a look that takes you to your rugged best – success! – it’s a unique rite of passage for each of us in reaching our wisened adult years as proper hard men.

As everyone is different – and that’s what makes us great after all, as dear old mum might say – most faces can be categorized into one of seven prevalent shapes and knowing which one you are is paramount to knowing which are the perfect men’s hair styles for you.

In addition to enhancing your features and covering up those you’d prefer to hide, a well-chosen ‘do can also enhance what you do have. There’s a contingent of men who benefit from a seriously tight buzz cut, others from a powerful Pompadour, others still from a few lengthy layers. If you’re lucky, you can try them all out like David Beckham’s hair styles. Whatever it is, it’s worth finding out what your best look is.

Before you get started, it’s not too hard at all to figure out what shape your face actually is. Start by looking at that gorgeous mug in the mirror, pull your hair back with a comb and hold it in place. Trace the outline of your head in the mirror in front of you and see what shape you get. Got it? Good.
Now, on with the guide.


This shape is usually widest at the cheekbones with a slightly narrower forehead and jaw usually in equal proportions and a slightly pointed chin.

Best suited to
A diamond face shape generally has a strong bone structure that’ll nicely support longer, layered lengths. Keep them in tip-top, fighting-fit shape by rubbing a bit of Seriously Groomed Beard & Hair Balm on the ends during your daily routine.

To balance the length of your forehead and ensure your face doesn’t look wider.


An oval-shaped face is traditionally long and rounded at the forehead and jaw.

Best suited to
Cuts that work with your hairline are best, stay away from fringes that may emphasise the roundness of your face. Styles with plenty of volume on top such as the quiff and the pompadour work well here as they help to elongate your face shape. Good to invest in a strong styling product like the Going Strong Styling Gel to keep that skyscraper straight.

To square out slightly rounder features that come with an oval face shape.


A face that is as wide at the cheekbones as it is from chin to forehead.

Best suited to
French crops, fringes and the pompadour. Height is key so your best hair styles will be those that integrate short sides and back with a side-parting.

The idea here is to use volume at the top of the head to ensure you have a more defined, longer jawline.


Here, the jawline is the widest point of the face, tapering up through the cheekbones to a narrower forehead and hairline.

Best suited to
Styles that add width and volume to the top of your head to balance out a stronger jaw – longer hair works well on this shape as does a fringe which can give the illusion of a stronger forehead.

To keep hair length at sides and create volume on top.


Squared off at the forehead and jawline, this face shape has cheekbones that match in width. It is a silhouette that is masculine but long.

Best suited to
Pretty much any style that doesn’t make your face look longer than it actually is. A side-parting with a bit of stubble will do nicely here. A softening product like the Softer Touch Beard Oil will stop you from getting too prickly.

To square and shorten face.


A rugged, masculine face shape, you lucky fella.

Best suited to
Short styles that can be styled with height to elongate the face. Pairs nicely with a longer beard to lengthen the jawline.

To lengthen the face and further enhance a mighty square jawline.

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