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Top Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair


Top Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair

Thin hair? Worry not, lads, we have the best hairstyles for men with thin hair and all the right products to style it right here for you.

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July 2019

By Robert Young


Thinning hair. Sore, ol’ topic, isn’t it? Fear not, my stylish friend, because we come bearing solutions that include, but are not limited to the best products for men’s thinning hair and all the great ways to style it like a boss.

We understand how having thin hair might affect its styling. We've done our research to bring men the necessary hair styling tools, including the best men’s grooming kit and hair styling tips to make men’s thin hair look smooth and stylish.

How to Tell If Your Hair Is Thinning

It’s completely normal for some strands of hair to fall every day. It’s just how nature works. However, you might feel that you have lost hair volume and you may see a little more of your scalp showing through your hair every day. These and the following signs are what you should be on the lookout for if you’re worried about thinning hair:

  • - Your scalp is greasier than normal and your hair might look devitalized.
  • - You’re shedding more than usual (keep an eye on your brush or pillow).
  • - You might feel your hair doesn’t style as well as it used to.
  • Best Hair Products for Thin Hair

    If your hair is thinning, aside from properly cutting and styling it, the best thing you can do is start treating it with a thickening shampoo to make it look fuller and so it can also be easier to style. The House 99 Going Big thickening daily shampoo boosts volume by 25% while instantly purifying, thickening, and giving men’s hair more volume. When your hair is thin, remember one thing: go big or go home, and our hair thickening shampoo for men definitely makes you go big—on top.

    Finding the Best Haircut for Men with Thin Hair

    Once you’ve managed to fit House 99 Going Big hair thickening shampoo for men, enriched with spirulina and quinoa, which purifies, strengthens, and repairs hair from root to tip to improve scalp's health and boost hair thickness into your daily hair routine, it’s time to consider adding a good hairstyle into the mix. Find yourself a great barber you can trust and try to go for a shorter do—you’ll also be grateful you’re going short during the summer. There are many options to consider when you have thin hair, including a high fade or an undercut. In the end, it’s all about finding the best hairstyle for you, so listen to what your barber has to say, he’s the one with all the tricks up his sleeve.

    Best Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair

    Hear ye, hear ye, men with thin hair! Do NOT be afraid to try out new hairstyles. Give the pompadour with faded sides hairstyle combo a chance, to give the impression of greater volume on top. Try out a quiff-inspired look, which will give you the texture and volume of the pompadour without all the hassle, or even dare to take it a step further with a buzz cut and a modern hair design, that way, your hair will grow back even stronger. A slick back, retro hairstyle is also a great option when you have thin hair, allowing for the volume to concentrate on top while using a blended fade on the sides to give a fuller appearance to the overall hairstyle.

    You can even nick any one of David Beckham’s previous shorter hairstyles. Whatever hairstyle you can think of, he has probably already tried it—and completely rocked it, just ask Victoria.

    How to Style Thin Hair to Make It Look Thicker

    When you have the perfect haircut and the right hair products for men, Bob’s your uncle, you’re ready to style your hair. Because thin hair is easier to style than thick hair, really. The whole trick behind making thin hair look thicker is simple: it’s all about adding some volume. Hair gel for men , while a great option for other types of hair, it tends to accentuate thinning hair because of all the clumping. Instead, try using just the right amount (less is more when it comes to applying hair products for men) of men’s hair pomade , which can work wonders for short to medium thin hair. House 99 Smooth Back shaping pomade, enriched with spirulina & quinoa and also included in the Smooth Back hair styling kit, provides just the right amount of hold you need while still making your hair look natural and polished.

    Pairing a great haircut and styling—with the matching hair products for men, of course—can never go wrong, ain’t that right, lads?

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