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Halloween at the House

Fearless looks to experiment this day of the dead.

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October 2019


Halloween at the House: Barber-in-resident Fabio Marques gives us some bold looks to experiment this day of the dead

The David Beckham beard

Love it or hate it, Halloween gets bigger every year. Blame Instagram. Blame celebrity-filled Halloween parties. Or thank the Celtic Gods because this is just about the best time of year to fearlessly experiment a bold new beard, moustache or hair look – because you’re trying it for Halloween, right?

Since experimenting with different looks takes considerable guts, at House 99, we’ve got your back. This is the moment for your imagination to lose the plot. Straight from the haunted house with Fabio Marques, David Beckham’s man in Lisbon and House 99 barber-in-resident: bring on Halloween with these fearsome looks to try.

The reluctant man’s Halloween look: Ask Google & Fabio

Stuck for an idea? Superheroes to the rescue. On its real-time Halloween platform Frightgeist, Google Trends reveals 2019’s most-searched Halloween outfits are rooted in popular culture and provide a wicked world of options. “People are tired of the traditional Halloween characters, there’s always Frankenstein, Dracula, the devil and then you get a couple more from horror movies but all of them have a lot of makeup to create the character,” says Fabio. The good news is, if you’re of the less-keen, hate Halloween mindset – there are 99 easy ways, to rock a hassle-free Halloween look...

Get your look, with Fabio:

If you’re thinking ease, no face paint, out-the-door in five minutes job, find inspiration in all the makeup-free villains the world has ever known. “All you need is a clean shave, House 99’s Greater Look Moisturizer and the Beard Scrub,” says Fabio. Pardon us, Beard scrub for a clean shave? “It’s a two-in-one,” he explains, “so it can be used on a beard or to cleanse the skin. As a pre-shave, before you start creating your Halloween character, you use the scrub first, and then the Greater Look facial moisturizer as an aftershave.”
br> The alternative way to slick back Halloween hair, he says, is by putting House 99 Softer Touch Beard Oil into action. “You can use the beard oil on long hair, work it in to hydrate the ends and to make it easier to comb. You need hair to be thick, but you want your fingers still able to run through it.”

The styled man’s Halloween look: The David Beckham beard

The David Beckham beard

For a modern style God inspiration – the great man himself is into Halloween - handing out sweets and dressing up: witness his bloodied handprint shirt last year. In a so very meta moment, one year he even went, last-minute, to a Halloween party dressed simply as himself. Channel this modern style God’s flawless beard form – current or historic with one helluva back catalogue to choose from. This is Halloween, you can be David Beckham if you want.

Get the look, with Fabio

“David Beckham’s beard style is pretty much what I call a ‘a natural growth’ in a good way. It follows the natural, normal growth of his facial hair. So if you want your beard growing naturally like David Beckham’s, let it grow for a week or 10 days and then trim it all the same length.”

Scrub up like Beckham with the Beard Scrub: the most time-efficient way to get your skin and beard clean and sprightly, using this most-Halloween-themed of scrubs, the colour of charcoal black.

The full beard

Then follow-up with Greater Look Moisturiser. “He’s still at the stage that his beard hair does not need moisturising as it’s not touching other hairs of the beard, so it doesn’t’ create friction and doesn’t grow together. So if you’ve got the David Beckham beard - you don’t need a product, just the Greater Look Moisturiser.”

The intellectual man’s Halloween look: The full beard

The full beard

“The only Halloween characters popular with beards or facial hair, are the superheroes,” says Fabio. This Halloween, the intellectual man’s greatest look goes right back to the origins of Halloween itself. Fun fact, all Hallow’s eve was the last day of the Celtic calendar year, hence saying goodbye to the dead. Among the walked the druids, revered theologians with the longest beards. Otherwise known as the full beard, the thinking man’s Halloween beard should be grown all month-long in anticipation. “Right now, we’re starting the fall, it’s starting raining, getting wet – so it is the traditional seasonal time of year to start growing a beard,” says Fabio. Go for the kind of beard length that can be stroked thoughtfully as you regale them with the real origins of Halloween; your beard single-handedly brings some high culture to proceedings.

Get the look, with Fabio

Because Halloween is still no place for the unsightly stuff that is beardruff, a beard of length first needs a wash with the dark side. Indulge in a proper purifying beard session with House 99’s Beard Scrub, which owes its deep black colour to the thoroughly cleansing charcoal and volcanic stone within to get rid of everything your beard may be hiding from you.

To make druids of men, one balm will calm them all. House 99’s Seriously Groomed Beard & Hair Balm dishes out serious discipline to unruly beards. Longer or mid-length beard hair gets condition and control. It evens out, hydrates & shapes multi-directional beard hair for a disciplined & conditioned beard look all day long. Non-sticky & non-greasy it tames, softens & nourishes. And it does likewise for the hair on your head too.

The full beard

For mid length beards yet to join the cult – House 99’s hit Softer Touch Beard Oil is the holy grail for any beard to look and feel divine. As a dry oil – yes there is such a thing, it has the unique superpower to condition without greasiness. Tested and approved by barbers, just a few drops solve any spiky situation. Achieving that suave look in moments, you can see why it’s the one House 99ers love to worship.

Doom and groom: Your Halloween failsafes at the House: House 99 Beard Scrub: the dark one that eliminates the white stuff.

- House 99 Seriously Groomed Beard & Hair Balm: calms the chaos to keep even the longest hair and beard in order.
- House 99 hit Softer Touch Beard Oil: one dry oil to rule them all.
- House 99 Greater Look Moisturiser: That Halloween glow is yours.

House of horrors: share your greatest Halloween Gods and villains with the global HOUSE 99 community.
Follow Fabio @sickbarber.


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