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Rock ’n’ roll hair: How to rock David Beckham’s full flow hairstyle


The House 99 guide to Heatwave Grooming

Staying cool when the weather is anything but? No sweat.

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May 2019

By Harvey Gates



My word, lads! It’s a bit of a scorcher out there, innit? Summer is well and truly here and with it, harmful UV rays and blistering heat waves – and, the potential to look (and smell!) soggy. The unpleasant possibilities of oiliness, sunburn and clogged pores against the fact that you’re starting to sweat in places that you didn’t even think were possible can turn the silly season into a veritable minefield of men’s grooming pitfalls. So, before you knock off work early for a cheeky pint or two, (or a fruity cocktail, no one’s judging you mate - they’re refreshing and delicious) cast your mince pies on our guide to staying as fresh as a Baltic breeze in whatever fresh hell summer throws at you.


Being that your skin really hasn’t seen sun since last September, it’s important to remember that it’ll be super sensitive to exposure – especially in extreme cases. Summer sun can be brutal and sunburnt skin can lead to skin cancer or melanoma. And although by the end of summer, we’ve generally built up a natural amount of protection from being out and about but it still don’t mean you can skip the all-important SPF part of the skin care process. So, be sure to apply a high factor like the Broad Defense Face Moisturiser SPF20 about 20 minutes before you leave the house as that’s about how long it takes to kick in. Bonus points for mattifying properties which help reduce oiliness.


While pollution is a problem year-round when it comes to men’s skin care, it’s particularly pronounced in the summer. The build-up of dirt, bacteria, emissions and sun traps sweat in our pores by the end of the day which can start to have you looking a little worn-out, resulting in itchy rashes, blisters or bumps. Here’s where washing that muck out your mug gets really important. Charcoal grooming products are your best bet here, not just because it’s been used as a cleaning agent for thousands of years and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Activated charcoal draws impurities out from the skin and that means all that aforementioned grime, excess oil and environmental toxins, sort of like a very teeny tiny vacuum for the skin. The Purefectly Clean Face Wash cleanses, purifies and unclogs pores with the help of black charcoal powder and the cheeky peppermint extract gives your skin a cool blast like when you brush your teeth. Nice one.


There are definitely moments where a good sweat is the rewarding end to a job well: Breaking down the line to put it in the back of the net, a good sauna sesh or a particularly active evening with your significant other. Then there are times you’d rather not look or smell like you’ve done a half-marathon on your way to work, for example, and for these moments it’s best to opt for an alcohol and aluminium salt free product such as the Cool Off Spray Deodorant . Enriched with coconut oil to sooth and magnesium oxide, a natural deodorant, it’s formulated for yer man David Beckham’s grooming routine which is as active as you could imagine. One more thing, sweating is a sign of dehydration so be sure to get some H2O into you which will help reduce the overall amount. If all else fails, pack yourself a spare shirt as a back-up.


For all you no-frills lads out there that want a look that won’t melt after thirty seconds in the sun, summer is not a good time to experiment with styles that require industrial-strength product. Avoid highly water-soluble products that can be diluted and run from the sweat on your scalp. Switch instead to a clay like the Change It Up Texturising Clay that is humidity and sweat resistant and can be used for a texturized, matte effect without starting to turn in the heat.

Deodorant will be your savior

Whether or not you’ve any real dance floor prowess, superstar vocals or rock god good looks, there ain’t nothing sexy about sweat patches with a scent to match. Formulated to match David Beckham’s active lifestyle, the Cool Off Spray Deodorant is designed for some seriously sporty behavior.


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