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Messy vs smart: two quick & easy hairstyles


Messy vs smart: two quick & easy hairstyles

Celebrity barber Fabio Marques of Figaro’s in Lisbon shares men’s grooming tips

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February 2019

By Harvey Gates


Two Quick and Easy Hairstyles

Are you Messy or smart? Smart-messy? Messy-smart? One cut, two styles? Easy, easy says Fabio Marques, founder of Figaro’s barbershop Lisboa and David Beckham’s main man in Lisbon. The beauty of both looks is they just take a few minutes. “These are two different hair styles that you can achieve very easily at home.” Switching from smart to messy before you can say “texturizing clay"

Here: our five takeaways from Fabio’s two style masterclass:

1 For smart think posh, think pomade.

Pomade not only sounds smart “it will make you look just as classy as you should,” declares Fabio.

2. Your “executive contour”

Start smart with wet hair, just comb it how you want it when still wet.

3. After the comb, get the pomade, since it’s water-based it blends into wet hair.

Run it through hair already combed for a slick shine look – the ready-for-work “executive contour” as Fabio calls it.

4. For Messy think earthy, think clay.

No comb, no brush, House 99 Texturizing Clay is all you need for things to get as messy as you like.

5. The blowdryer is your messy hair friend.

Dry hair after shower, then run texturizing clay through your hair with fingers, working and emphasizing where you want hair to be at its most textured. Dry more with the hairdryer again if needed. The messy look “is up to you, your creativity,” declares Fabio.


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