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What to do with your beard this summer


What to do with your beard this summer

And it doesn’t involve a razor.

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May 2019

By Harvey Gates



Just because the cold weather is receding, doesn’t mean your beard style for your has to go with it. There was once an old school of thinking that suggested that beards were a seasonal sort of thing. Big, woolly face fuzz might make you think that the added bulk (and possible insulation) would increase the average temperature on your face but in reality, a little beard grooming can have a cooling effect as the hairs keep sweat and moisture close to your face, chilling you out when those sweet summer breezes roll through. A good strong beard can also protect the skin from 50 to 95 percent of UV radiation and as much as 21 UPF (ultraviolet protection factor). And, as it turns out, though beards can protect the face from external factors like wind and rain, they aren’t actually all that insulating. So, if you’ve spent months on growing and beard grooming, don’t feel like you have to shave it all off once the hot weather hits. Just follow a few simple steps to keep it all nice and fresh.


Ever wonder how some blokes with serious face manes manage to still look polished and groomed? A formidable beard style doesn’t take much to look clean and polished – a must in summer when we all have the tendency to look anything but. Book in a session with your barber and ask him or her to shear away some of that bushy volume, paying particular attention to the jawline for a nice, sharp finish. If you never know what to ask him, head to this article so that you don't leave feeling like a mug.


While your beard protects against sun damage and won’t retain heat, it can cause some irritation if skin is hot and damp mixing with sweat, dirt and dead skin cells. As part of your morning and night face-cleaning routines, give it a good scrub down with a specialised cleanser like the Get Groomed Purifying Beard Scrub . With a rough, black texture, black charcoal, volcanic stone and ginseng, it will help remove sweat, bacteria and any bits and pieces you might’ve caught in there on your travels.


Summer is all about the three S’s: Sun, san and sea. As brilliant as a cheeky jaunt to the Greek Isles can be, a serious hit of sun and saltwater or the chlorine and chemicals added to most pools can wreak havoc on your beard, making it look wild and frizzy. Your beard hair is coarser than the rest of the hair on your body which can make it more susceptible to the itch factor. Now, we know you’re a smart lad who’s been smoothing down his bristles with a bit of the old Softer Touch Beard Oil to help condition it through winter, so continue with this, perhaps switching to the slightly more lightweight Seriously Groomed Beard & Hair Balm when temperatures rise.


Alright, we know you know you have to drink plenty of water but when it comes to your beard, do you know why it’s so important? Healthy skin and hair starts with a healthy body. Summer is a season of dry heat and soaring temperatures with high potential for dehydration which can cause your skin to get rough and your hairs to become brittle and prone to breakage. Drinking enough water is the best way to condition your beard and body, hydrating it from the inside out.


And we don’t mean the cocktail kind. Water from the outside can be just as key to summer freshness as it is from the inside. Keep a spray bottle of water handy, whether it’s on your desk at the office or on your bedside table and give yourself a spritz when you feel like you could use a cool down. It instantly beats summer heat and acts like a mini cooling unit on your mug.


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