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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about men’s hair products


Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about men’s hair products

Want to know what men’s hair products you should use? Read on.

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September 2019

By Harry McGregor


Men’s hair: The Lowdown

When it comes to men’s hairstyles, whether you have hair that is thick, fine, long, short, curly, straight or some thus far unheard-of combination of all, a hair-product-finding mission can feel like being in the presence of a streaker on a train: confusing and overwhelming. Wax, pomade, clay, gel – what do all these men’s hair products mean, anyway? Keep in mind, the effects of any product will vary depending on men’s hair type, weather and how you’re using it – whether your hair is dry, wet or a few days after a shampoo, for example.

When faced with all the options, it’s easy to want to curl up and reflect on simpler, happier times when having great looking hair meant a simple towel dry and a comb. But you’re not 12 anymore, mate, and we all know how important visuals are in this world of constant double-tapping of the screen. So, let’s get this sorted once and for all, shall we? Here’s everything you need to know about keeping your mane in check.

What men’s hair products should I use?

-What’s men’s hairspray?

A good hairspray is a product often associated with women but lads, to not utilize the powers of this low-maintenance, high-performance product would be a mistake. The Tight Grip Fixing Spray for men is powered with fixing agents that give excellent control, long-lasting hold and a natural, healthy-looking shine. It can help hair look voluminous, tame frizz and keep a hairstyle in place all day long. A hairspray works best on fine, thin hair as it doesn’t weigh your mop down the way a gel might and keeps sculptural looks like a quiff in place.

-What’s men’s hair pomade?

We’re sure you’ve heard the word ‘pomade’ thrown around – and no, it’s not some kind of new hipster craft beer – but you’d be forgiven for not knowing exactly what it does. Men’s hair pomade, like the Smooth Back Shaping Pomade , is a quintessential styling product that gives your hair medium hold with a natural finish when applied to damp hair. It’s ideal for short and medium men’s hairstyles when working on a look like the Pompadour, which requires a little structural support.

-What’s men’s hair clay?

Clay does what you might think it does – you’ll get a matte finish with a malleable, medium hold and creates texture when applied to clean, dry hair. The Change It Up Texturising Clay , for example, works best on medium-to-long men’s hair for looks that can be reworked through the day. Additional perk: it washes out easy.

-What’s men’s hair gel?

When wielded correctly, gel can provide maximum hold and high, slick shine when applied to towel-dried hair – kind of like a wet-look finish. Ideal for men with thick, wavy hair, the Going Strong Styling Gel offers serious hold with a good amount of shine – and it washes off easy. For us at the House, the Going Strong was inspired by the David Beckham hairstyle he made iconic in 2012, the ‘slick back’.

Which men’s grooming kit should I buy?

If you’re just getting started on this grooming thing – or you know someone who is – a grooming kit is an easy first step as it has all your bases covered. The Smooth Back Grooming Kit contains the Smooth Back Shaping Pomade , our best-selling Greater Look Face Moisturiser and the Going Big Daily Hair Thickening Shampoo . Use in conjunction for a hairstyle as high as your impact.

What men’s hair style should I choose?

The Pompadour

A brushed-back look with sleek sides and plenty of height on the crown, the retro-inspired Pompadour is a solid choice for men with short to medium hair looking to add some sophistication. The Smooth Back Shaping Pomade is the perfect companion to achieve the look. The bouncy paste offers medium hold and a natural finish, letting hair breathe at the same time and – bonus – it’s re-shapable.

The Slick Back

Sleek, low and tight, the Slick Back men’s hairstyle is a strong, powerful look. Apply a pea-sized amount of the Going Strong Styling Gel to dry hair for long lasting, high hold and shine. Then shape, using a fine-tooth comb to brush from front to back.

The Crew Cut

Nice, short, straight to the point – the crew cut for men is low maintenance and sharp. Rub a small amount of the Change It Up Texturising Clay into your palms and work into dry or damp hair to create your look. The clay has high hold, is re-shapable and has a matte finish.

The Quiff

This men’s hairstyle is a look half-way between making an effort without looking like you have. Natural and easy, it requires little more than a loose brush-back of hair from the forehead to the back of head and a quick application of the Tight Grip Fixing Spray . With a long-lasting hold and natural shine, it’s a look that’ll stay in place – even if you don’t.

Basic men’s grooming

Now that you’ve got your beard under control, don’t neglect the rest of your grooming, men. Make sure you have the below in your artillery:

- Pomade

With good hold without weight that is re-shapable and life-proof, the Smooth Back Shaping Pomade xis a men’s hair style secret weapon. Ideal for the perfect Pompadour style.

-Men’s face moisturizer

Infused with two of David Beckham’s favourite ingredients, quinoa and spirulina, the Greater Look Face Moisturiser is strengthening and energizing to the skin, absorbing oil and mattifying to reduce shine.

-Tattoo Moisturiser

With 30% of lads tatted up these days, it’s important your moisturizer does double duty to hydrate and enhance your ink. The Bold Statement Tattoo Moisturiser is fast-penetrating, hydrates skin and provides an optimal UV film to protect tattoos of the negative effects of sun rays, protecting their original colour and brightness.

-Beard & Hair Balm

Offering structure and care for tamed beard and hair grooming, the Seriously Groomed Beard & Hair Balm evens out, structures and nourishes unruly beards while conditioning and disciplining hair with a natural, healthy shine all day long.


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